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Brand guidelines. Check!





Since 1998 Checkatrade had gone about its business without any real brand guidelines. At this time of rapid growth and change, we were tasked with refocusing the positioning and realigning the brand, applications and key messaging.

The brand continues to evolve but for the first time in 20 years, there are some brand guidelines and a more cohesive base to work from.

CAT_Stamp Full Colour_RGB.png
CAT_Master Full Colour_RGB.png
CAT_work smarter RGB.png
CAT_win more work RGB.png
CAT_dedicated support RGB.png
CAT_reach more customers RGB.png
CAT_local directories RGB.png
CAT_no to spam and scams RGB.png

We have worked through all Member communications in the member journey – from the first welcome to on-boarding, to celebrating milestones. We have implemented this through multiple channels such as print, digital, email and video.


Video also plays a vital role in getting members up and running as quickly as possible. We also wanted to ensure that Membership Advisors has a leading role in delivering this key advice.  

Your campaign creative had a 78% open rate within 24 hours! We’re thrilled.

Member Marketing Department

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