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Brand and rollout for British eCommerce.




Hope and Story is an online destination for conscious consumers looking for British products and brands with ethics, sustainability and quality at their heart. Not just designed in Britain, but manufactured in Britain – and where possible, using British components.


So, in an over-saturated market how do you create a premium brand and experience for both consumers and businesses alike? And all on a start-up budget?

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The first step was to create a compelling proposition and understand what other competitors were failing to deliver. Simply put this was not to be satisfied with just being Brit-ish but to be BRITISH MADE.

Whilst at the same time we needed to ensure that the brand didn't reflect any negative associations. From here the name Hope and Story and the 
H+S standard were born...

The next challenge... How do you get partners to sign-up whilst there was no physical platform up and running?


We created compelling partner and investor sell-ins and founder partner onboarding. The number of partners at the soft launch was double what was forecast due to the success of the drive. Most sighted the strength and integrity of the brand as the key factor.

More than just an online shop, Hope and Story is a collection of curated content, with an editorial in feel and a focus on craftsmanship, provenance and its makers. For consumers, discovery and ease of shop is paramount. For makers, ease of inventory management was crucial. 

“We're thrilled with the response. The Partners coming on board are double what we had expected. They all love the brand proposal and what we are doing. Thanks Sparkloop!”

Besty, Founder of Hope and Story 

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