A new design language.

When a Portuguese and Chinese bank merged it really was a case of East meets West. Exciting. Or confusing? A huge opportunity. Or a barrier? Inclusive. Or alienating?


The Sparkloop team were asked to develop an advertising campaign and set of brand guidelines that would ensure it should not be one or the other but the best of both. This became the premise and opportunity for the new ‘Haitong’.

After in-depth interviews and the creation of a research report, we quickly realised that a lot could be lost in translation. This work led us to a creative positioning and end line ‘A new language in the financial world’.

We developed and managed a complete international print and digital advertising campaign. It appeared in both Global financial press and featured in out of home sites within Financial districts the world over. Finally, we wrapped this all up with some internal launch materials and Brand Guidelines.

The launch campaign successfully delivered the new Haitong to the global financial audience and internally united staff on both sides.

Project Head, Haitong

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