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5 Top Tips for marketing your brand with video.

Video content is now one of the most crucial ways for brands to market themselves online, with the latest stats revealing video accounted for 80% of all internet traffic at the close of 2019.

As a result, more and more businesses - large and small - are investing sizeable chunks of their marketing budget into good video campaigns, whether used for web, social media or advertising content.

The challenge, however, is being able to consistently create video content that is relevant, informative and engaging for your target audiences, particularly in an increasingly competitive market place.

Unsure where to start? The following five tips will help:

1. Repurpose existing content

If you’ve dedicated time to produce a lot of successful content through infographics and written material, you’re already half way there.

Consistently review your analytics to find out what content has received the most click-throughs, likes and shares and, from here, design a dynamic video around that content, even if it’s as simple as you talking to the camera to provide your stakeholders with industry top tips, hints or insights.

2. Emote or Educate

The most successful video content is that which either evokes emotion or is informative and educational. Why? Because it causes your audience to react and engage with your brand.

An excellent example of this is the recently launched Nike video, ‘Dream Crazier’. Featuring a voice-over from Serena Williams, the video inspires women to step aside from the stereotypes and push hard for their goals, ending in the tagline “So if they want to call you crazy. Fine. Show them what crazy can do.”

To date, the video has received millions of views worldwide and has received incredible feedback from women across the globe, showcasing a true example of emotive video content at its best.

3. Integrate with Email Marketing

Integrating video within your email marketing is proven to significantly increase stakeholder engagement. In fact, if you use the word ‘video’ within the email subject line, it will increase your open rates by at least 20%.

There are many ways in which you can utilise video with email marketing, but one of the most effective methods of increasing stakeholder engagement is by creating a video series delivered by an automated email campaign. Aside from increasing open and click-through-rates, a valuable and informative video series will also support increased brand loyalty, converting consumers into valuable customers.

4. Increase engagement via Social Media

If you’re not already marketing your brand on social media using video, then now is the time to start. According to Twitter, users are three times more likely to engage with Tweets that contain photos and videos than with Tweets that don’t include any.

Videos for social must be mobile-friendly, relatively short and, most importantly, engaging, so take the time to plan creatives before you start filming.

5. Keep Pace with Tech Trends

The digital landscape continues to evolve at an exponential rate, which means it can be difficult to keep pace with evolving tech trends. However, to dominate your market sector it’s important to understand exactly how you can maximise your digital presence through video.

A recent example of this is the rise of IGTV. Though the app had a slower than expected start, it now integrates with the Instagram feed, re-directing users after a 60 second snippet of the content, meaning uptake has increased significantly.

The takeaway? When creating video content, don’t forget to host and promote it on as many relevant channels as possible to maximise views, engagement and potential conversions.


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