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Winning brands always start with the right positioning.

Consumers have voted Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ as the most memorable tagline, but why? 

Our survey, which questioned 1,000 participants between the ages of 18 and 65 on what makes for a winning brand, also found Tesco’s ‘Every Little Helps’ and McDonald’s ‘I’m Loving it’ were close contenders. 

Nearly half [44.6%] of respondents felt these brand lines made them feel either happy, inspired or motivated, demonstrating the brands’ capability to engage emotionally with consumers. 

When questioned on what initially attracts consumers to a brand, a third of respondents opted for the quality of the associated product or service. Interestingly though this was closely followed by brand values. 

On assessing the research, we felt the survey results were extremely interesting and really highlighted the importance of a holistic approach to creating a brand. So many businesses focus on the brand name and logo, whilst forgetting about the importance of refining product or service, and even more crucially how this is promoted or positioned successfully through their brand culture, values and marketing communications.

Other key take outs from the survey include:

  • Nearly half [48.9%] of respondents believe that a quality product or service offering creates brand loyalty, followed by brand values [21%] and brand culture [17.6%]. 

  • 34% of respondents advised their reason for brand loyalty changes depending on the industry sector. 

  • A massive 65% of respondents advised that they either rarely or never engage with brands via social media. 

Successful brands, like Nike, have something very much in common. Although they initially focus on their product or service, they work hard to create a brand movement, attracting a key demographic who believes in the brand’s values, culture, and values their communications.

Although the social media stat may appear surprising, it’s important to remember that we now live in an extremely tech focused and digital age, which means brands have a greater opportunity to think about a holistic brand strategy and how best to engage with consumers across many different channels, including social media.

In fact we often engage with brands even if indirectly. People may not follow a company's social media account, but they probably do by way of their interests, Influencers and events.

In summary, all brands want to attract people and keep them! Today, we are all so brand savvy and increasingly disloyal – so it’s not enough to have a shiny exterior, without depth. And that's where a brand positioning is key in articulating what you stand for.


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