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Giving Red Bull extra wings.






Red Bull are in constant pursuit of bringing the brand closer to its consumers, and therefore, wanted to find a way to connect the can with its many brand activities.

Having worked with Red Bull for over 15 years, we have developed a collaborative way of working that has seen us deliver several interesting and diverse projects. 

As a result, we were asked to develop their first ever promotional pack. We helped to define and develop a full suite of Point of Sale and sales collateral to complement the promotional pack and create further engagement in store, here are but a few examples.


Red Bull on pack


Red Bull’s iconic can design has never been touched since launch. Key to the brand’s integrity, we felt we should not tamper with it, but instead work to enhance it. This initial approach carved the way for the creation of the Red Bull promotional packs, and thereafter, the global guidelines.


Red Bull VR 6 Pack concept


With branded content at the core of Red Bull’s strategy, we needed to create a concept that would connect the product with the brand. As a result, the VR 6-Pack was born. The concept? Simply remove the cans, transform the box, add your smartphone and see the world of Red Bull through an athlete’s eyes.


Brazil was the first market to successfully launch 100,000 of the limited edition packs , where many other markets then followed. See the final result below from the Brazil Team.

Sparkloop-Red-Bull-VR Illustrations.png

Creating theatre instore


The Sparkloop team are often tasked with bringing the theatre and Red Bull experience instore through new, innovative and creatively different display concepts. Although we produced several successful and innovative designs, we were particularly proud that The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series campaign launched in Ireland won ‘Best Shopper Marketing Campaign’ at the Checkout National FMCG Awards.



We have developed a huge range of assets to enable Red Bull to not only test concepts but also to present to Trade and ensure their buy-in. These have been and continue to be a key part of B2B communications strategy. We have built up a huge library in a clear house style that works for print, presentations and video.

Briefing System and Asset Toolbox


As Sparkloop has worked with Red Bull since 2004, we have helped shape and create a number of online platforms that aid collaboration between teams.


For example, the ‘Activation briefing system’ streamlines project detail and keep all project members in the loop right through to fulfilment. Whilst the Toolbox is a resource for assets and templates to aid better and more consistent Trade comms.

PSP Laptop.png
Activation on iPad3.jpg

These activations are now reproduced the world over and are a cornerstone for Red Bull’s brand building. Their effectiveness is undisputed. Every activation has led to an uplift in sales and awareness. The Sparkloop team are incredibly proud to have helped develop both the end-to-end process and platforms for this to happen.

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