Clearly different thinking.






The brand Tetra is synonymous with fish keeping. Initially, we were tasked to specifically develop Trade ads and communications but very quickly found we had no story and very outdated style guidelines to work with. We took a big step back in order to move forward and unearthed a very compelling back-story indeed.

Did you know that the founder of Tetra invented fish food as we know it today? No, nor did anyone else, so we rewrote their end line to become ‘Clearly Different’ and went on to deliver several targeted projects alongside a clearly improved set of guidelines.

The No.1 for Aquatic Equipment, Food and Care Products.

We wanted to make it really simple for the consumer to understand the Tetra offer. This wasn’t being expressed in their existing comms which were very confused. So we aligned each key category under their own campaign line and concept.

The Big Splash

Promotional Campaign

Branding and roll-out of this successful global campaign, based around an on-pack promotion that took the consumer online to redeem rewards.

Tetra Big Splash logo.jpg

Tiny Tetra

Building engagement with younger consumers was key to this brief. We created Tiny Tetra and friends to help educate and excite families instore (and long after). We developed instore experiences and a kit bag of games, puzzles and information for how to keep fish happy and healthy.